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In addition to serving premium coffee, tea and sandwiches, we strive to connect with our surrounding community, and encourage collaboration. We invite everyone to contribute and share ideas, art, questions, in order to create an environment that fosters that sense of community and becomes a place to gather, learn, and relax. Find out more about our featured artists, classes & events.

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Diane Ponder

International artist Diane Ponder is a painter, digital photographer, and videographer. She studied Art History, Anthropology and Linguistics as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, earning a Visual Arts certificate through the University of Chicago Graham School. Diane has shown art in many galleries and institutions in Chicago, New York City and worldwide. She has held performances in many iconic buildings, such as the Cultural Center of Chicago and the Cheney mansion. Her work tra

Grace Maloney

Local musician


Steve Kaiser is a local musician and artiist, find his music here:


My second Art Exhibition,2021 Venue: Add Chapter Design and Art Cafe Chicago Day 1 : August 3,2021 My paintings will be in the venue till August 22.


Edana Lynch is an 18-year-old artist from the Northwest side of Chicago. Her work explores portraiture and texture, using a mix of traditional and abstract styles to inspire her. Outside of her art practice, she likes to play roller derby, make zines, and collect kewpie dolls. She will be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fall.


Creating collaborations and partnerships is a great way to support local business and spread the word about exciting new projects in our community. 

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We love working with Keeler Gardens to help let people know about some of the amazing work they are doing, and absolutely love getting fresh organic mint for our speciality lemonades and teas! Keeler Gardens improves the health and sustainability of urban community life through environmental experiences, supporting diversity and youth development, and building a connection to nature. Read more...

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Add Chapter Design & Art Cafe

6046 N Avondale Ave. Chicago, IL 60631

Phone 312-242-3019

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