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Organic Tea Cafe

Your Organic Tea Cafe Source for Real Tea

For tea connoisseurs the difference between organic tea and standard is tremendous. Unlike standard, organic tea retains as much as possible of its original natural state. That brings with it a tremendous amount of taste, flavor, style and unique aspects only found where that tea is harvested. Standard tea, on the other hand, has been processed and often loses a tremendous amount of taste, almost becoming bland by the time it gets to the end consumer. At Add Chapter Design Café we make a point to provide an organic tea cafe menu for our customers. We want you to experience the difference in real tea versus the standard stuff so commonly found in fast food places, restaurants, and walk-in/walk-out cafes. We want to sit, enjoy the tea purposefully, and think about every flavor that comes from every cup served. That’s the difference in a café with personality.

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