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Design Cafe

  It's More than a Design Café, We're Your New Home

Just getting a cup of coffee, tea or cool drink on a hot day is not relaxing. Granted, it solves a simple thirst, but enjoying yourself for an afternoon is better of in the context of comfortable café. With Add Chapter Design and its Design Cafe, you get to enjoy a great environment, specialty coffee drinks, wonderful teas one can’t find in a store, and a very Chicago IL cozy setting. Whether you want to read a book, catch up on some work or studies with a laptop, or just do some people watching, the Design Café is a great place for it all. So, if you’re looking all over Chicago for just the right spot, then the search is over. The Design Café is waiting for you to be a part of it. Isn’t it about time for a good cup of coffee or a warm tea before good book?


A Cup of Coffee in an Art Cafe Setting


A person can easily get a cup of coffee just about anywhere. Every fast-food place along the road provides coffee as a standard beverage. However, if you’re looking for a place to have a cup of java where you can enjoy art, culture, style and people-watch, your local burger joint is not going to provide that. Instead, you need to take a moment and stroll over to the Design Café. Our art café setting has all the elements of fashion, chic, style and coffee that you could ask for. If you want to read books while enjoying a big cup of South American roast, you can do that. Meet with friends and go over old times with a hot cup of Oriental tea, no problem. Just hang out with your laptop and knock out a few emails or plan a trip for next year in far off travel, totally doable. Our art cafe setting is the ideal place to make it your second home away from home.

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