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Art Cafe Near Me

Where is an Art Cafe Near Me?

If you’re new to town and you came from the big city, it’s probably a common question to be asking “Where is an art café near me?” as you try to get your bearings and figure out the new locale. Fortunately, we have an answer for that. Add Chapter Design’s art cafe setting is the ideal place to hang out and enjoy, hear, see and display art. Integrated with the community, our operating is heartbeat center of creativity zipped up by a bit of caffeine, some good pastries, and a whole lot of down-home socializing fun. We have a chock-full schedule of events every month, patrons love to hang out just for the sake of meeting friends and talking to new folks, and everyone has their favorite drink or java special that keeps bringing them back. So, if you’re a new transplant trying to figure out where you are and whether there is an art cafe near me, just walk over to our Design Café and you’ll find the local world at your fingertips.


Your Chicago IL Community Cafe


Some cafes just have no life to them. They want to just show up, buy a fancy name coffee or tea drink and then get out. It’s apparent their entire business model is about moving people along. Even the seats and tables are uncomfortable to sit on. And the rooms are often cold, sterile and unwelcome to stay in. That’s definitely not the definition of a community café. At Add Chapter Design Café you’re going to find a community-family environment that wants to welcome you to the fold. Whether it’s just a hot cup of java or you want to connect better with your neighborhood, you’re going to find both at our home away from home. So, find out the difference in what our Design Cafe provides. You’ll find a heck of a lot more here than just a logo. And you’ll also get a chance to network and connect with your neighbors.

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